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Erich Hartmann

Emil Omert

Herbert Rollwage

Hans Marseille

Werner Molders

Hans Philipp

Wilhelm Batz 

Erich Leie  

Gunther Rall  

Otto Kittel

Hannes Trautloft

Hans Ekkehard Bob

Hans Joachim Birkner

Hilmer Von Bulow Bothkamp

Norbedsrt Hannig

Walter Krupenski

Adolf Galland

Helmut Lipfert

Gerhard Barkhorn

Hugo Broch

Emil Lang

Helmut Wick 

Wolfgang Schellmann

Heinz Bretnutz

Kurt Buhligen

Wilhelm Galland

Theodor Osterkamp

Wilhelm Balthasar

Franz  Barten

Dietrich Hrabak

Gordon Gollob

Josef Priller

Heinrich Hofemeier

Gunther Friherr Von Maltzahn

Rudolf Ehrenberger

Konrad Bauer


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Luftwaffe fighter pilots out-scored their Allied counterparts by a large Margin. This was due to many factors such as pilot quality, the type of aeroplane flown and how many sorties were flown by the pilot. For Example Erich Hartman flew an incredible 1,352 sorties and found the enemy on 825 occasions, the average Allied pilot flew maybe 400 sorties. Also in the early stages of combat on the Eastern Front the Luftwaffe flew against very inferior Russian pilots and aircraft which resulted in huge victory's for the Luftwaffe.

The Luftwaffe would overwhelm the Polish Air Force, quickly eliminate the French fighters and would hardly be threatened by British fighter Command, for almost two years they wreaked painful losses on British Fighters over the Channel and in France. In the East it was also the same,  they dealt with inferior Soviet fighters in the same way. The tide started to turn though in 1942 with the arrival of the USA and their new fighters that could fly the long escort missions deep into Germany.

At the initial start of the War German Aces not only flew superior fighters but also out flew  their enemy using better tactics. During their campaign in Poland they eliminated the Polish Air Force so quickly that there was nothing they could learn from this battle. The campaign against France proved again that the build up of the Luftwaffe in the 1930's was without doubt the best route the Luftwaffe  took from developing their new aircraft to the experience their pilots learned in Spain. The Luftwaffe were truly a force to be reckoned with at the outbreak of War.





Ludwig Franzisket

Werner Schror

Max Ibel

Heinz Baer

Johannes Wiese

Erwin Fleig

Heinrich Kraft

Joachim Brendel

Johannes Steinhoff

Karl - Gottfried Nordmann

Herman - Friedrich Joppien

Wolf - Dietrich Huy

Heinz Ewald

Herbert Ihlefeld

Walter Schuck

Friedrich Karl Muller

Helmut Lent

Walter Oesau

Walter Nowotny

Karl Schnorrer

Franz Josef Beerenbrock

Peter Spoden

Martin Drewes

Hans Strelow

Gerhard Homuth

Hermann Graf

Heinz “Wimmersal” Sachsenberg

Anton Hafner

Horst Ademeit

Walter Adolph


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