Robert S Johnson





Johnson with his P-47 'Lucky'

Born Robert Samuel Johnson, Johnson was born on the 24th of February 1920 in Lawton Oklahoma USA. He entered the US Army Air Corps in 1941 and graduated as a pilot on the 3rd of July 1942, he was assigned to the 56th Fighter Group of the 61st Fighter Squadron. On one of Johnson's  very first missions, his P-47 fell victim to a ME-109 despite the German pilots best efforts he was unable to shoot Johnson down. Johnson finished World War II with 27 victories to his name.


After the War Johnson was an employee of RAC, the very company which had built the aircraft in which he flew so well.




Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross with 7 Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart, British Distinguished Flying Cross.


Assigned Aircraft In World War II

P-47 Half Pint

P-47C 41-6235 HV-P, All Hell

P-47D 42-8461 HV-P, Lucky

P47D 42-76234 HV-O, Double Lucky

P47D 42-25512 HV-Q, Penrod & Sam