A P Maresyev - Z A Sorokin - L. Byelousov's 

Legless Wonders





Airacobra I aircraft of 19 GIAP

Like Douglas Bader, the Russian air force also had it's share of legless wonder's, Maresyev flew with artificial limbs. Maresyev had both legs amputated in March 1942, but continued his frontline career and scored 11 kills. Z A Sorokin,  a MIG pilot sustained severe injuries while dog fighting with a BF 110, he received artificial legs and went onto score 13 kills. Byelousov was injured in a pre War flying accident, but managed to regain flying status, only to be injured again in another crash, this second crash opened  old wounds in his legs, causing gangrene to set in and both his legs had to be amputated. This did not stop Byelousov though he went on the record seven kills.