Albert Littolf





Albert Littolf was born on the 31st of October 1911 in Cornimont, he was from a very large family and was one of eight children. He obtained he wings and passed out in July of 1931. He was firstly posted to North Africa in 1939 much to his dislike, and was soon posted back to France. When German forces broke through at Sedan he shared in the destruction of a JU 88. In less than a month flying one of the earliest D.520's he shot down 5 Hs 126s and a probable BF 109.  Littolf and two other pilots flew from France to England, here he was one of six pilots to form Le escdrille of the Free French. Soon after, this unit was sent to Egypt to reinforce no 80 Sqn. Littolf would also see action over Athens, Alexandria and Tobruk. On the 5th of May 1941 he downed four Bf 109s over Tobruk, and by the end of the month he had downed a JU 88 .



Sent to fight in Russia Littolf wasn't slow in opening his account, French fighter pilots would fight along side the Soviets. The Germans launched their offensive on Kursk (the largest tanks battle ever seen). The Soviets stopped the offensive within four days. The Russians launched their counter offensive with the French joining the Soviet 18th and 303rd fighter regiments to cover their advance. Littolf was reported missing during these engagements. His body wasn't found until 1960 where he was finally returned home for burial. Albert Littolf finished the war with 14 confirmed victories and 4 probable.








Battle Of Kursk