Australian Aces




Australia produced no less than 81 Air Aces during World War II, When war against Germany was declared approximately 450 Australian pilots were serving with the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom. The duration of World War II saw 15,746 RAAF pilots, navigators, wireless operators, gunners and engineers sent to British squadrons and 11,641 to Australian squadrons. These men exemplified themselves in every major campaign front from the Battle of France, Battle of Britain, Normandy invasion, Egypt, the Middle East, Germany, Battle of the Atlantic, the defence of Malta, liberation of Italy, the Battles of the Coral and Bismarck Seas, Defence of Australia, to fighting in India, Burma, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Pacific.


Top Scoring Australian Air Aces Of World War 2

Clive Robertson Caldwell 28.5

Leslie Redford Clisby 18

Adrian Philip Goldsmith 16.25

John Lloyd Waddy 15.5

Paterson Clarence Hughes 15

Keith William Truscott 14

Charles Curnow Scherf 14

Mervyn Charles Shipard 13


Keith Truscott
Clive 'Killer' Caldwell
Paterson Hughes
Charles Curnow Scherf