Bob Doe joined the RAF shortly after his 18th birthday, and in 1939 was posted to his first Squadron with a mixture of Blenheims and Battles. In March 1940 these were replaced by Spitfires, for Doe it was love at first sight. During a dogfight Doe found himself on the  tail of a 109. Doe scored many hits sending the 109 crashing into the sea.  As he pulled away he was overshot by a 110 so he quickly shot that down as well!! Victories mounted for Doe. On one occasion Doe encountered a BF 109 over Portsmouth chasseing it out to sea Doe struck at a range of 100ft, the 109 slowed immediately and Doe watched as the canopy flew off and could see the German pilot struggling to control his aircraft.  Doe flew alongside the stricken aircraft until it splashed into the sea. Doe was posted to fly Hurricanes with no 238 Sqn, he reported that the Hurricane was more manoeuvrable than the Spitfire and also a better gun platform. During the latter stages of the war he also flew the Mustang, Bob Doe finished the war with 14 victories.