Don Gentile



Don Gentile was born in 1920, he could not wait to fight the Germans, joining the RCAF in 1940 he was sent to England. On arriving in England Gentile was to became an instructor, finally he managed to get out of the assignment and joined the Eagle Squadron. The Eagle squadrons were transferred to the U.S. Army Air Force Gentile was transferred to the 336th Fighter Squadron Of The Fourth Fighter Group. It wasn't long before Gentile victories started to mount first in the P-47 and then the Mustang.  Gentile was withdrawn from combat in 1944 and returned to the US. Don Gentile was killed in a flying accident a few years later he finished the War with 21 victories.



Here is a typical combat report from Don Gentile. 'The 190s split into two groups. I picked two stragglers and attacked, I closed in at about 300 yards and gave a long burst, I saw strikes around the left side of the cockpit, after I saw smoke coming out. He rolled over very slowly and went into a dive. He crashed into woods below. I then slid behind the number 1 FW 190, I closed to about 250 yards and gave a burst. I saw strikes around the engine and cockpit. As i tried to follow him to get another shot he hit the woods. I pulled up just missing the woods myself.