Donald Blakeslee was born in 1917, he joined the US Army reserve in 1938 as a lieutenant in the infantry. He was discharged in 1940 so he could join the RCAF and get stuck into the War. Blakeslee arrived in England in 1941 firstly flying Spitfires with 401 sqn, and later with 133 Eagle Sqn he scored two victories with this Sqn. On transferring to the Fourth Fighter Group in September 1942 he was promoted to Captain and shortly after that Major. It was said of Blakeslee that he was a born flyer and a born leader,  this was quickly realized and he was promoted again to Lieutenant Colonel,  in July of 1943. Blakeslee took command of The Fourth Fighter Group in January 1944. Equipping his group with the Mustang.  Blakeslee was regarded as one of the top fighter commanders of the Eighth Air Force. After the War he saw service in Korea. Col Donald Blakeslee finished the War with 14 victories.