Eric " Sawn Off"  Lock


Eric Lock , was born in Bayston Hill near Shrewsbury, in 1920. He joined his father's farming and quarrying business on leaving Prestfelde School. In 1939 he joined the RAFVR and was called up on the outbreak of the war. He was posted to 41 Squadron in August 1940  where his nickname, "Sawn Off", came about because of his short stature.  Lock flew with 41 Squadron during the Battle of Britain.  He was badly wounded in the limbs by cannon shell splinters when shot up by an Me 109 on 17 November 1940. Although managing to crash-land his Spitfire near Martlesham Heath, he was too badly injured to leave the cockpit and nearly two hours elapsed before he was found by two soldiers who carried him the two miles to the station on an improvised stretcher of rifles and greatcoats. After a long period in hospital and convalescence he was posted to No 611 Squadron. On 3rd of August 1941 he failed to return from strafing German troops and is presumed to have been shot down and killed by ground fire. Eric Lock finished the war with 26 victories.