Glenn E Duncan was born in 1918 in Texas USA. Duncan entered the Army Air Corps in February 1940 and he graduated from flight school on the 4th of October 1940. A major by the time he joined the 353rd Fighter Group in 1943. Duncan was born to be a flyer and he was a very successful fighter pilot from the start. The group entered combat in August 1943 flying P-47 Thunderbolts. In November 1943 Duncan was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. By June 7, 1944, he had accumulated 15.5 kills on the 12th, he knocked down three Bf-109's, he claimed his last on the 5th of July. Duncan was downed by flak on the 7th of July 1944, but he was never captured he joined the Dutch underground and operated with them until April 1945. Col. Glenn Duncan finished the War with 19.5 victories.