Boyington by fighter pilot standards was an 'old' man. A very colourful character Boyington had led a tangled personal life which led him to enrol in the American Volunteer Group to fight in China. By June 1942 Boyington had shot down six Japanese aircraft. In September 1942 he led VMF -214 the 'Black Sheep' into action over the Solomon Islands. Some of Boyington's ideas were totally unorthodox, removing the camouflage paint from the squadrons Corsairs for example, so the Japanese could see them easily and hopefully start a fight. The Black Sheep squadron accounted for 197 aircraft destroyed in just 84 days. In one mission a Japanese pilot came up on Pappy's radio addressed him as 'Pappy' and asked for his position, Pappy gave it but not the altitude, when the Japanese fighters arrived, they were bounced from above.  on the 3rd of January Pappy was shot down while trying to protect his wingman, bailing out at hair - raisingly low level, he was taken POW. Stories of Pappy Boyington are legend, many founded in fact, including how he led the legendary Black Sheep squadron, and how he served in China as a member of the American Volunteer Group, the famed Flying Tigers.  He spent a year and a half as a Japanese POW, was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour, was recognized as the Marine Corps top Ace. Always hard-drinking and hard-living, Pappy's post-war life was as turbulent as his wartime experiences. Pappy Boyington would finish the War with 28 victories.