Gyorgy Debrody







Gyorgy Debrody was Hungary's second highest scoring Ace with 26 kills. Debrody graduated from the Royal Hungarian Military Academy in 1942 and was posted to Heppes 5/1 Fighter Group.  Flying Messerschmitts in 1943, Debrody was attached to II/JG 51 Molders. On the 5th of July that year he had scored his first kill during the Kursk offensive. By the first week of August he had six  victories to his name, and years end he was one of Hungary's  leading Aces with 16 victories. Debrody first scored a kill against  the US air force on the 14th of June 1944, a Lockheed Lighting Fighter, two days later another P-38. During July Debrody scored two B-17's and  a Mustang, and during November he shot down a B -24.



During 240 missions Debrody shot down 20 Soviet aircraft and 6 American planes.