Hans Ekkhard Bob


Born in 1917 Bob entered the Luftwaffe in 1936, assigned to III./JG54 in the summer of 1939.  In preparation for war,  his first assignment was escorting bombers into Poland. It was on the 10th of May 1940 that Bob scored his first victory and by the end of the French campaign Bob had claimed four victories. On the 29th of September 1942, Bob scored his 50th victory and on the 17th of April 1943 Bob claimed his 57th victory a US B-17 flying Fortress by ramming it, it is said that Bob did not intend to ram the B-17 but after scoring hits on the aircraft Bob was trying to duck underneath the B-17 but couldn't make it as he was so close to the plane and ended up ramming it. He took the wing of the massive bomber and much of the fuselage of his own aircraft off.  Bob fought on just about every front during World War II including the Battle Of Britain. Scoring 60 victories and flying 700 missions in all.