Helmut Lent entered the Luftwaffe in 1936, he would soon become one of the Luftwaffe's most outstanding personalities. His first unit was a heavy fight Gruppe equipped with the BF 110 Zerstorer (Destroyer) and it was in this aircraft that Lent scored his first victory, Lent went on to have 7 more victories as a day fighter pilot. Lent was then transferred to the newly formed Nachtjagd (Night Fighter) unit to combat the ever increasing Allied bombing  raids. On the 12th of May 1941 Lent shot down  two Raf bombers, by January 1943 his score stood at 50 and by June 1944, 100.




Lent was not only an outstanding fighter pilot, but also an inspirational leader of men. Lent wore the Brillanten and was the first of only two night fighter pilot's to be awarded this honour. Helmut Lent was killed in a flying accident on the 5th of October 1944 while attempting to land on one engine. Helmut Lent finished the War with 111 victories 104 of them as a night fighter pilot.