Here you will find rare hard to find signed books by many famous pilots





Pearl Harbour The Complete Illustrated History - Author Signed

Rare Signed Doolittle Raiders Book. The raid, which occurred on April 18, 1942, approximately four months after Japan's attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, was the brainchild of then Lt. Col. Jimmie Doolittle. Sixteen crews took off the USS Hornet to strike the Japanese homeland's military and industrial targets. This was the first time in history that a plane as large as a B-25 was able to successfully take-off from an aircraft carrier. The raiders were forced to launch early, due to a Japanese fishing trawler spotting the carrier. Instead of hitting Japan under the cover of darkness, the targets were lit by daylight and there was not enough fuel on board for the aircraft to make it to their rally point in China. A brilliant read, and great investment for the future. Hard Back Signed in Pencil By Five Doolittle Raiders.







Spitfire Ace, signed by four Battle of Britain pilots. A superb book





Janes Battles with the Luftwaffe Four signatures, including the pilot who commanded the control plane, on the largest air raid in history. One of my all time favourite books.