Joppien served his entire combat career with JG 51. Known as a very aggressive Oberleutnant, he received the Ritterkreuz on the 16th of September 1940 for his 21st victory. Joppien was born on the 19th of July 1912. Joppien would be one of the most successful Luftwaffe fighter pilots in the early stages of the War he shot down 25 aircraft during the Battle Of Britain. On scoring his 40th victory on the 21st of April 1941 he was the Luftwaffe's fifth leading Ace, two days later he received the Eichenlaub to his Ritterkreuz. During a very low dogfight on the 21st of August 1941 in Russia, he slipped out of a tight turn and his aircraft smashed into the ground, his plane exploded on impact killing Joppien instantly. Herman Joppien finished the War with 70 victories.