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Welcome to my website Fighters Aces of the World , during World War II the battle for air supremacy  became a crucial element in determining the outcome of the war. If used successfully, air power had the potential to hold up armies in the field  and weaken a nations war making capacity - gaining air supremacy was the task of the fighter. This website is dedicated to all  the fighter pilots who took part in World War II and especially the fighter Ace. This  site is designed to give brief descriptions  of each Ace, and you will find the likes of renowned fighter pilots such as Erich Hartmann (the worlds highest scoring Ace)Sailor Malan, Gunther Rall, Johnnie Johnson  Killer Caldwell, Gabby Gabreski Chuck Yeager, Pappy Boyington And many more.  What Makes An Ace?

American Aces Quick Guide

Richard I. Bong 40 Victories 5th Air Force Pacific
Thomas B. Mcguire  38 Victories 5th Air Force Pacific
David S McCambell 34 Victories (9 Victories 24.10.1944)
Gregory 'Pappy' Boyington   28 Victories USMC
F.S. Gabby Gabreski  28 Victories 8th & 9th Air Force Western Europe
Robert S. Johnson  28 Victories 8th & 9th Air force Western Europe


Chuck Yeager's P51 -D Glamorous Glen III, He may have  scored his ME 262 and his five 109's in one day in this Mustang.

Yeager's Glamorous Glen III P-51 D


Erich Hartmann 352 Victories








Erich Hartmann, and his crew chief Heinz Mertens, they became close friends.

This extraordinary photo of Erich Hartmann the highest scoring Ace of all time, is seen wincing at a glass of warm champagne to celebrate his 300th victory. Erich Hartmann scored 352 victories a feat that will never be repeated, he is truly the Ace of all Aces.


Held captive in a Soviet prison for almost 10 years, Erich Hartmann found that he was sorely tested. He was offered a position in the East German Air Force - he refused, he was then sentenced to 25 years hard labour.

Finally in 1955, West Germany effected his release, and Erich Hartmann returned home to a heroes  welcome, three years later Erich Hartmann was chosen to command the West Germans Air Force first all jet fighter wing. As the leader of Jagdgeschwader 71, Erich Hartmann made several visits to the US. There he also learned to fly U. S. built fighter jets such as the F-106, Erich Hartmann also shared his wealth of combat experience of 825 air battles with young American pilots.

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Quick Guide Luftwaffe Top Aces 




Erich Hartmann



Gerhard Barkhorn



Gunther Rall



Otto Kittel



Emil Lang 18 victories in a day

Emil Lang holds the single day record for Arial victories, 18 shot down in one day. Emil was to shoot down 72 aircraft in just three weeks, shortly after notching up his 173rd kill he fell prey to Us Thunderbolts.

Stanislaw Skalski was the most successful Polish ace of WW II, with a record of 22 confirmed victories. Three times he was awarded the British DFC, and he received many other medals. Following his return to Poland after the war, he was imprisoned by the Communist regime in 1949, on a charge of espionage for the West. He spent 6 long years in a jail, waiting for execution. That was his "reward"  a fate he shared with many other Polish soldiers/Airmen  returning from the West for their heroic and sacrificing duty. Stanislaw Skalski
Hannes Trautloft Hannes Trautloft Many historians consider Trautloft as one of the Luftwaffe's most effective leaders and should be mentioned in the same breath with Molders, Galland and Lutzow. Given command of his own Geschwader he took over command of the newly formed JG 54. Trautloft will always be associated with this unit because it was Trutloft that gave the  unit it's Geschwader insignia (identifying badge). Because he came from a region known as 'the green heart of Germany' he chose a green heart with a narrow white outline, after this JG54 was known as Green heart or Green Heart warriors.


Otto Kittel, fourth highest scoring Ace of all time with 267 kills.

Otto Kittel was a quiet and calm young pilot, but even so he developed into one of the top scoring fighter aces of World War II. In the fall of 1941 the short-in-growth 24-year-old Unteroffizier Otto Kittel had just received his ”wings” and was posted to the Bf 109-equipped 2./JG 54 on the northern sector of the Eastern Front. He was awarded with the Iron Cross of the First Class (EK I) on the 29th of September, 1941. Until May 1942, he managed to score fifteen victories on the Eastern Front. But his real successes in air combat commenced only after he had exchanged his Bf 109 for an Fw 190 in early 1943. Otto Kittel the little known Ace though, would go on to become the fourth highest scoring Ace of all time.











Gerhard Barkhorn would finish Word War II as the worlds second highest scoring Ace. Barkhorn joined the Luftwaffe in 1937 and completed his training in 1939.  Barkhorn flew his first combat missions in May 1940, during the Battle of France and then the Battle of Britain without scoring a kill. His first victory came in July 1941 and his total rose steadily against Soviet opposition. In March 1944 he was awarded the third highest decoration in the Wehrmacht when he received the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords (Ritterkreuz mit Eichenlaub und Schwertern) for 250 aerial victories. Despite being the second highest scoring pilot in aviation history, Barkhorn was not awarded the Diamonds to his Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords after achieving his 300th victory on 5 January 1945.















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