The Hawk was a strong aeroplane, Capable of taking many hits

Jean Accart was born on the 7th of April 1912, he was to become one of the most popular French Aces of World War II. Originally Accart qualified as a Marine navigator and served aboard French transatlantic passenger liners. He volunteered for service with the French Fleet Air Arm and subsequently  qualified as a land based pilot on the 3rd of March 1933. By the time World War II had broken out Accart was flying Hawks with GC I/5,  this unit would claim 71 victories during the Battle Of France, losing only one pilot to enemy fire. On the 1st of June 1940 while intercepting a group of Luftwaffe bombers, Accart was hit by return fire, a bullet penetrating the windscreen of his fighter and lodged into  his skull. Accart managed to free himself and parachuted to safety. While Accart was recovering from his injuries the Franco -German armistice came into effect, Accart escaped to Spain and then onto North Africa. Here as part of the Free French, Accart was asked to form a fighter group - No 345 Sqn, equipped with Spitfire's, this unit would go on to serve with great distinction over Normandy. Accart would go on to have a distinguished career with Nato, he retired as a General in 1973. Jean Accart finished the War with 12 victories.