Williams was born in Wellington New Zealand on the  6th of May 1919. He joined the RAF in January 1938 to take up a short service commission. He is believed to have served with 601 Squadron before being posted to the Middle East, where he flew at different periods with 112, 94 and 260 Squadrons. In June 1942 Williams joined 450 Squadron in the Western Desert as a flight commander. On the 18th, leading his flight over Gambut, he shot down a Bf 109. On the 5th of July he destroyed a Ju 88. Leading the squadron over the El Alamein positions on September 12 1942 Williams destroyed a Ju 87, probably a second and damaged a third. Later in the month, during a sortie against the enemy airfield at Daba, Williams shot down a Ju 88. In October 1942 Williams was awarded the DFC and took command of the squadron. He led it during the Battle of El Alamein. On the 31st of October he made a forced landing behind German lines and was captured. Williams was in Stalag Luft 3 camp at Sagan in Germany in March 1944. He took part in the Great Escape and was one of fifty men executed by the Gestapo on March 29. He finished the War with 5 victories.