John Braham joined the Raf in 1937, he was soon to become known as Bob. He served with no 29 sqn from 1938 equipped with Bleniems and would become a Night Fighter. Braham would claim one of England's earliest victories. Posted to 141 sqn he would undertake one of the first bomber support roles over Europe, their role would be to home in on German night fighters radar. In this 'new' role Braham would add three leading Luftwaffe night Aces to his tally,Heinz Vinke (54 victories), Georg Kraft (14 victories), August Geiger (53 victories).  By the 25th of June 1944 Braham had 29 victories to his name (19 by night), Braham was shot down and spent the rest of the War as a POW. After the War Braham formed the Night Fighter Development Wing, he left the RAf  for Canada in 1952 and joined the RCAF where he served until 1968.