A concerned Nowotny looks on at a wounded Schnorrer

Karl Schnorrer was Walter Nowotny's Rottenflieger (wing man) during most of Nowotny's combat career. Schnorrer was born in Nuremberg on the 3rd of March 1943. Nicknamed "Quax" after a accident prone cartoon character, because of the trouble he had landing the Me 109 (he crash landed three). Schnorrer was seriously wounded on the 12th of November 1943. Upon returning to active duty he was assigned to E-Gruppe Lechfeld, the test unit that became Kommando Nowotny. Schnorrer was awarded the Ritterkreuz for his bravery in combat, during an intercept mission in late March 1945 Schnorrer was forced to bail out of his crippled Jet. Although he survived he lost a leg, Karl Schnorrer finished the War with 46 victories.