An American In The Raf


Lance  Wade was born in Texas USA, he became a flyer at just age 17. Wade was turned down by the USAAC because of his lack of a formal education, so he travelled to Canada in December 1940 to join the RAF. On completion of his training, Wade was sent to the Middle East. In June 1942 he became a flight Commander but was to cease operational flying, by this stage Wade had already claimed 14 victories. Wade had a short spell in the USA teaching on different US fighters, he returned to the War in 1943 to North Africa flying Spitfires he would claim another 8 victories in this campaign. Then Wade was posted to Italy, at this time in late 1943 Wade was the highest scoring Allied  pilot in the Mediterranean theatre. On the 12th January 1944  at the age of only 28 Wade was tragically killed in a flying accident. Lance Wade is the leading American Ace to serve in any foreign air force, Since he never transferred to the USAAF, or any other American Air service,  Wade never got the publicity that other American Aces received. Wing Commander  Lance Wade finished the War with 22 victories.