Leonard Carson




Leonard Carson was born in 1923, also known as 'Kit' Carson he entered the U.S. Army Air Force in April 1942 as a cadet, he graduated from training on the 12th of April 1943. Carson was on the verge of heading for the Pacific with a P-39 outfit, but instead joined the 357th Fighter Group in January 1944. The 357th was the first P-51 equipped unit in the Eighth Air Force, beginning combat operations in February 1944, its aircraft were among the most colourful, with red and yellow nose checkers and a variety of nicknames and nose art. His first victory was on the 8th of April 1944. His chosen technique for success was to bore in close to his victim. Carson flew two tours of duty with this unit flying the P-51 throughout, scoring the bulk of his victories in the last six months of the War. Carson retired from the Air Force as a Colonel in 1968, Leonard Carson finished the War with 18.5 Victories.




A example of the nose art of the 357th this is 'Kit' Carson's Mustang Nooky Booky 4