Marcel Albert (forefront) scored one victory with this D.520, claiming the rest of his 23 victories on various Yaks while fighting in the Russian campaign.

Marcel Albert was born on the 25th of November 1917 in Paris. He joined the French Air Force in 1938 and was still undergoing flight training when War broke out, Posted to his first unit GC I/3 he shot down his first aircraft (a DO 17) on the 14th of May 1940. Albert wouldn't score again until 1943. Following the signature of the Armistice in North Africa, he managed with fellow pilot's Albert Durand and Marcel Lefevre to escape to England. Here he joined no 340 sgn ILe de France, Albert would fly over 47 missions with this unit.  In 1942 Albert volunteered for service with the Group 'Normandie' in Russia flying Yak fighters. Here Albert downed his second aircraft a FW 189 and in July he downed 3 more fighters to make 'Ace' status. By the end of 1943 Albert had scored over 15 kills. Marcel Albert finished the War with 23 confirmed victories.