Michel Madon





Leading Aces Of The Battle Of France

Left To Right Gerard Muselli,Leon Vuillemain, Frantisek perina, Edmond Marin La Meslee, Jean Accart, Marcel Rouquette.

Michel Madon was born on the 1oth of January 1918 in the French city of Dijon. He entered into the French Air Force in the summer months of 1938. Posted to the Suippes at the outbreak of the Battle Of France, Madon was in action within hours of this posting. Between the 6th of June and the 16th of June he downed no less than 7 Luftwaffe aircraft. Two days later Madon's  unit GcI/3 retreated to Oran then to Tunisia. There Supporting the French Vichy Madon shared in the destruction of 3 C-47's and a Sea Hurricane. After the North Africa campaign was over, Madon was posted to GCII/7 flying Spitfire's, by now Madon's  tally stood at 11. After taking part in operations to liberate Corsica, Madon suffered engine failure, preferring to crash land into the sea than be taken POW, Madon was not found for many hours. After the War Madon was promoted to General.