Neville Duke


Neville Duke joined the RAf in 1940, after being rejected by the Fleet Air Arm. Posted to 92 sqn in 1941 he flew with some of the great fighters of the war such as Allan Wright, Don Kingsby and 'Sailor' Malan. Duke was transferred to 112 sqn in North Africa flying Tomahawks, his score soon began to rise rapidly. After a spell as an instructor Duke rejoined 92 sqn this time in Tunisia flying Spitfires, by the end of this campign he had shot down 14 aircraft. After Tunisia Duke transfered to Italy bringing his final tally to 26 victories. In 1953 he set a new world air speed record in a Hunter.




Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk of 112 Squadron






Photo of Neville Back With 92 Sqn On Spitfires

Duke would finish the Tunisia campaign as the top scorer, he still fly's to this day.