Pete brothers joined no 32 sqn in October of 1936 and was promoted to flight commander in 1938.Posted to France he flew Hurricanes in the great air battles of France and Dunkirk. During the Battle Of Britain he flew from the famous Biggin Hill fighter station.  He scored his first victory in May 1940 during the Battle of Britain. Brothers came up with the idea of 'trimming' his Hurricane so it always crabbed to one side, making it very difficult for enemy fighters to get a clear shot at his aircraft. In January 1941 Brothers commanded no 457 sqn with Spitfires, then in October 1942 he became Wing Leader at Tangmere. Brothers scored his last victory (his 16th) a FW 190 over Normandy. Pete Brothers rose to the rank of Air Commodore and retired from the RAF in 1973.