MS.406, in RAF markings

Pierre Boillot was born on the 22nd of June 1918. He gained his 'wings' in 1938 and was posted to GC II/7 in 1939. Flying the MS.406 like many other pilots Boillot was responsible for the protection of reconnaissance aircraft. Boillot scored his first victory on the 20th of April 1940 a BF 109,and  during June he reached 'Ace' status. Boillot's unit retreated to North Africa and remained there until 1942. In September 1943 Boillot and his unit landed in Corsica, to support the Allied landings in the South Of France. Throughout 1944-45 Boillot would Harass the retreating Germans over the valleys of the Rhone. Pierre Boillot finishes the War with 13 victories.