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With the situation in Europe looking dire it left very little doubt in most people's minds the War was imminent. The Polish Air Force was re-organised into a War time structure, fighter units were assigned to land armies and virtually every combat unit was moved to advanced landing grounds in anticipation of an imminent German attack. German Bombers started pounding Polish air fields on the morning of the 1st of September 1939, Polish fighters were hopelessly outdated against the formidable Luftwaffe units at that time. The first week of fighting saw some very heavy air battles, with the first kill of World War II being achieved by a Ju87 pilot when he shot down a P.11c over Cracow. In the days that followed around 12 polish fighter pilots would open their 'Ace' account status. As the invasion intensified and the Polish army was retreating the Soviets invaded Poland creating two fronts, Poland was now truly defeated, but still managed to operate small fighter units right up until the end of the struggle.







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