Ralph Hofer was born in Missouri on the 22nd of June 1921, he ventured into Canada and joined the RCAF in July 1941. He graduated from flight training and was sent to England in October 1942. By June of 1943 Hofer was serving with the 334th Fighter Squadron where he was to amass quite a record, but Hofer was known to have numerous problems with his flight leaders due to his tendencies to wander off alone, because of this his promotions came very slowly. Hofer would also become known as 'Kid' or 'Kid' Hofer. Ralph Hofer was  killed while climbing to engage 20 plus ME-109's on the 2nd of July 1944 he finished the War with 16.5 ariel victories and 14 on the ground.




Hofer's P51-B Salem Representative

Ralph Hofer with his dog on his P-51