MS.406, main fighter aircraft of the French at the outbreak of War, a very over complcated aircraft and was rumored that a single bullet could put it out of action!

Rene Pomier Leyrargues was born on the 1st of November 1916 in Montpellier, he began his pilot training in 1937. On the 12th of March 1940 he was posted to his first unit GCII/7, mainly tasked with protecting reconnaissance aircraft. By June of 1940 German Panzers were smashing their way deep inside France. On the 5th of June 1940 Leyrargues and 8 other pilots of his unit were bounced by 15 BF 109's of JG 53 led by no other than the great Luftwaffe fighter pilot Werner Molders. Molders had no less than 39 kills to his name at this stage of the War, Molders never saw Leyrargues as the French Man shot him down and shortly after taking out another BF 109. Overwhelmed by the massive odds against him though, Leyrargues was shot down in flames, and crashed to his death. GC II/7 lost four aircraft and two pilots in the dogfight.  Leyrargues had a combat career lasting only a few months, but finished the War with 6 victories.