Robin Olds



Robin Olds was born in 1922 in Hawaii. Olds father also had a career in the Air service so he grew up with flying. Olds left for England in the spring of 1944 and joined the 479th group originally flying P-38s, he flew escort duties for the heavies and fighter sweeps leading up to D-Day. Soon after this his squadron, converted to the Mustang. By early 1945 Olds was in command of the squadron taking part in the Battle Of The Bulge and providing air support for the landing across the Rhine. At the Wars end Olds had accounted for 13 air victories, promoted to Major at the age of just 23. Becoming an Ace in the P-38 and the Mustang.  Following the War he did an exchange  with the RAF and lead several fighter units.  Flying still wasn't  over for Olds though, and in 1966 he went to Vietnam and led the Eighth Tactical Wing flying the F-4 Phantom. Robin Olds would go on to score 4 victories in this fighter over Vietnam. Promoted to Brigadier General in 1968 he retired from the Air Force in June 1973