Walker Mahurin





Mahurin scored one victory with the third Air Commandos when he could not return to Europe.

Born Walker Melville Mahurin on the 5th of December 1918, in Ann Arbor Michigan USA. Mahurin entered the U. S. Army Air Corps in 1941. He graduated from flight training on the 29th of April 1942 and joined the 56th fighter groups 63rd fighter squadron, he would become one of the top scorers in the P-47. Mahurin was a Major when on the 2nd of March 1944 he was shot down by a gunner of DO 217. He was rescued by the French underground and returned to England. He flew no further combat in Europe and returned to the USA. Mahurin then went to the Southwest Pacific as CO of the third Air Commando Squadron late in 1944. Here he scored one victory before himself being shot down on the 14th of January 1945, He then returned to the US. Mahurin again returned to combat this time in Korea where he was credited with shooting down three MIG 15s. He then took over as CO of the Fourth Fighter Intercepter Wing in March of 1952 but was shot down and became a POW. Mahurin left the Air Force in 1956. Walker Mahurin scored 20 victories in World War II.


Decorations: (World War II)

Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross with 5 Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Medal with 5 Oak Leaf Clusters.

Decorations: (Korea) 

Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal , Purple Heart.

Assigned Aircraft In World War II.

P-47C 41-6334 UN -M

P-47D 42-8487 UN-M Spirit Of Atlantic City New Jersey