Walter Krupinski, Known as Graf Punski or Count Punski was known as a 'fly boy'.  He never lost a wingman in combat, and had the time and patience with the newcomers who he helped reach their full potential . One of these  was none other than the Ace of Aces Erich Hartman. Born in East Prussia on the 11th of November 1920, he joined JG 52 in January 1942 and by the end of that year had scored 66 victories. In just one day in 1943 he shot down 11 aircraft, he was transferred from the Russian front to combat the US bombers. In March of 1945 He joined Gallands squadron of experts flying the ME 262 he flew this Jet until the wars end. In all Krupinski flew 1,100 missions and scored 197 victories.


The Luftwaffes Last Hope The ME-262