Wilhelm Balthasar


Wilhelm Balthasar was one of the great Aces during the war against France claming an impressive 23 aircraft shot down. Balthasar's most successful combat during his time in France was on the 6th of June where he shot down nine aircraft. He was already a very experienced combat pilot after seeing combat action in Spain. After the fall of France Balthasar was transferred to JG 3. After claiming his first victory over England on the 4th of September Balthasar was wounded, it is said that he never got over this and carried the shock of the experience with him for the rest of his life. He returned to action on the 23rd of September and on that same day he claimed two Spitfires shot down with his 88mm canon shells. On the 3rd of July 1941 Balthasars unit received the new ME 109F fighters which were to replace the older ME 109E's. It was rumoured that this new model had several flaws, Balthasar decided to test fly the new model himself. While making rolls and turns Balthasar was jumped by two Spitfires, the stress caused by excessive speed and evasive manoeuvres were to much for the new ME109 and one of the wings collapsed sending Balthasar crashing to his death. On inspection of the wreckage no bullets holes were found. Wilhelm Baltasar finished the War with 49 victories.