Wilhelm Ferdinard Galland


Wilhelm - Ferdinand Galland, younger brother of Fighter General Adolf Galland. 'Wutz' as he was known was a magnificent  fighter pilot, starting late as a fighter pilot in 1940 'Wutz' transferred from Flak to flying school, he entered frontline service in 1941 and was attached to JG 26, the third of three brothers to serve in this unit, 'Wurtz', Paul  and Adolf.  His first air victory came just one month later a Spitfire and by the end of 1941 his score had risen to  three. By the end of 1942 his score stood at 21. On the 17th of August 1943 Galland's unit encountered a formation of 200 bombers and nearly 200 fighters on their return from Schweinfurt, Galland's unit was attacked by a unit of P-47's from the 56th Fighter Group. Wutz's Fw 190 was shot down and he crashed at high speed. Wilhelm Galland's score at the time of his death stood at 54 victories.