Emil Lang 

Holds the single day record for 18 victories in one day



Emil Lang shot down 72 aircraft in just three weeks, he holds the single day record for 18 victories in one day. Born in 1919 a Lufthansa pilot before the war he transferred into the Luftwaffe in 1942 posted to 9JG/54 to fly on the Russian front. Lang was a superior  pilot and needed no breaking in period, by November of 1943 he had scored 119 victories. It was said the Lang had such dash and daring in combat on the Eastern front. On the 29th of June Lang was transferred to the West as GruppenKommandeur of II/Jg 26, in combat against US fighters he claimed 25 bringing his total to 173 confirmed victories. During a fierce dogfight with US Thunderbolts Lang's hydraulics were hit this caused his landing gear to drop and in turn this cut his speed and manoeuvrability, this left Lang a sitting duck for the Thunderbolts who quickly shot him down....