Gunther Freiherr Von Maltzahn





Von Maltzahn took the War to the Allies on three fronts scoring 68 victories.

Often called Henri by his fellow officers, Von Maltzhn was one of the great fighter leaders, often held in the same breath as the legendry fighter General, Adolf Galland. He had the strength of character and sufficient interest in the welfare of his men to confront the top brass. Born on the 20th of October 1910, in Wodarg, Pommern.  Von Maltzahn joined the Luftwaffe in the mid 1930's. By August 1939, he was Kommandeur of II/JG 53. As Kommodore of JG 53 he led his men to battle on the Western Front, Russia the Mediterranean and North Africa. In October 1943 he was appointed Jafu or Jagdfuhrer (Fighter Leader) of the Luftwaffe forces in Italy. Von Maltzahn flew over 500 missions and scored 68 victories.