The Italians were the junior partners of the Axis alliance in the European war, and although operating less capable aircraft than the Luftwaffe, the Regia Aeronautica and ANR (post the 1943 surrender) still produced 102 pilots who qualified as aces by scoring five or more kills. The majority of these individuals scored their kills in 1941-2 during the bitter aerial battles over Malta and the Mediterranean convoys, and in support of Axis offensives in North Africa. Flying aircraft such as the Macchi 200-202, Fiat G.50 and biplane Fiat CR.42


Top Scoring Italian Air Aces Of World War II
Adriano Visconti 26 Franko Bordoni-Bisleri 19
Teresio Martinoli 22 Luigi Gorrini 19
Franco Lucchini 21 Mario Visentini 16
Leonardo Ferrulli 21 Duilio Fanali 15
Mario Bonzano 15


Franco Lucchini