Konrad “Pitt” Bauer





One of the best at shooting down heavy bombers,Bauer was credited with 32 over the Western Front.

Konrad “Pitt” Bauer was born on the 9th of February 1919 at Gelsenkirchen. In March 1943, Bauer was serving with JG 51 based on the Eastern Front. Unteroffizier Bauer was assigned to 10./JG 51. He recorded his first victory on the 20th of March, when he shot down a Russian Pe-2 twin-engine bomber. By September 1943, Bauer was serving with the Geschwaderstab of JG 51. On the 15th of December 1943, he claimed six enemy aircraft, five of which he shot down in five minutes on one mission. He gained a total of 18 victories over the Eastern front. Bauer was transferred to 2./JG 3 “Udet”, operating on Reichsverteidigung duties, in March 1944. He recorded his first victory over a four-engine bomber on the 18th of April, when he shot down a USAAF B-17. He shot down another two B-17s on the 24th of May. In June 1944, Bauer was transferred to 5.(Sturm)/JG 300. This unit was mostly equipped with Focke-Wulf 190 A-8/R2 or R8 with two 30mm cannon Mk 108 and two 20mm cannon MG 151/20 to combat the increasing number of USAAF four-engine bombers raiding Germany. With this unit he became one of the best Viermottöters (four engine bombers) recording 29 four-engine bombers shot down. On the 7th of July 1944, Bauer shot down two USAAF B-24 four-engine bombers and escorting USAAF P-38 twin-engine fighter in the Oschersleben area



On the 11th of September, after shooting down three USAAF P-51 fighters, he was himself shot down in Fw 190 A-8 (W.Nr. 681 469) “Red 21” and wounded losing two fingers from his right hand. Feldwebel Bauer was awarded the Ritterkreuz on the 31st of October 1944 for 34 victories, including 14 four-engine bombers. At the end of January 1945, Bauer returned as Staffelkapitän of 5./JG 300. Bauer was recommended for the Eichenlaub but never received the award. “Pitt” Bauer flew 416 combat missions and shot down 57 enemy aircraft. He recorded 18 victories over the Eastern Front. Of his 39 victories recorded over the Western Front, 32 were Four Engine Bombers and at least five P-51 fighters. He was shot down seven times