Witold Urbanowicz was born in 1908 in north eastern Poland, he applied for flight training which he completed in 1933, after a short service with a couple of units Urbanowicz became an instructor a postion he held until the outbreak of War. After finding his way to England after the fall of Poland  he volunteered for training, and in August 1940 he was posted to 601 sqn. Eventually he would take command of 303 sqn after the commander of that unit had been badly wounded, Urbanowicz would go on to be the highest scoring Pole during the Battle Of Britain with 15 victories to his name. In 1941 Urbanowicz led the Northolt wing and in June of the same year he left England for a tour of the USA giving lectures, Urbanowicz was appointed air attaché at the Polish Embassy but he soon got bored and volunteered for service in China where he spent a few months.



On his return to Poland Urbanowicz was duly arrested, but released a day later, this was enough for the fighter Ace though,  and he decided to return to the USA where he would spend the next 50 years. Urbanowicz finished the War with 17 victories.








Ubanwicz standing in front of his Hurriacane during the Battle Of Britain